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’78 Honda CB750: Rusty Bolt Garage!

'78 Honda CB750 Rusty Bolt Garage! 1

What will you do this morning? I have no idea! read some of the emails that have missed more than a month. Almost deserted of writing activities. Now the spirit of it has been returned. Some people ask, why does not assign to it? You’re kidding, this is a personal page that I filled with my own hand works, some of you might be laughed at. So only you are the faithful who dare to wait patiently.

Ducati Monster S4: Ducati 916 Madness!

Ducati Monster S4 Ducati 916 Madness! 1

The next generation of cafe racer if you see many around, but this Ducati S4 has something really extraordinary that manages to steal the look wasn’t even a pin up by a heart attack. Marco Rebecchi, builder and the owner of this Ducati, He is a fan who does anything in his life but has always cultivated a passion for mechanics.

Shop Visit: Superior Layer Motorcycle Jeans!

Superior Layer featured image

So, which motorcycle jeans that you will choose now? It’s a paradigm, if you do not have to always wear goods made in the United States, this is one great choice. Previously I had to review this product. But, this is not the right time to discuss some rival products and there is no time to promote them. Now, I have to visit, for a proof that they are real and you can try to wear it.

’98 Laverda 668: The Ghost Strike Racer!

'98 Laverda 668 The Ghost Strike Racer! 1

EXCLUSIVE, Saverio Alan Damiani probably is not the first person who plans to become famous when building a custom motorcycle. Slowly, but surely. That is the spirit which he considers sacred thing to do, he did not rush into crazy things when building a custom motorcycle. Inspired by the design of Mad Max but still embed functions. And that’s what he’s currently trying to do on a ’98 Laverda 668, an Italian Icon.

’92 Kawasaki 750: It’s About Passionate!

'92 Kawasaki 750 It's About Passionate! 1

Written by: Daniel Vallejo GarcíaDVGAS Garage

I’m a motorbiker fan that have passed all my life racing motorbikes like amateur and whose passion is all related with iron and motorbikes. In this moments I work in health sector and in my spare time I repair, restore and manufacture motorbikes, cars or every vehicle who call my attention.

’82 Honda CX500: These Humble Machines!

'82 Honda CX500 These Humble Machines! 1

She’s hot and she’s beautiful. Here we go, Would you say the same thing? this is the second chance for those who have said “this is an ugly bike!” for a Honda CX500. This is the real answer, and that will come out, you have to say this is a beautiful bike, tempting, will make you fall in love and indeed it was true.

’72 Moto Guzzi V7: Meccanima Cafe Racer!

'72 Moto Guzzi V7 Meccanima Cafe Racer! 1

The café racer culture of mainland Europe. Cafe racer! They are already infected, and growing into the largest communities. Now I have to visit those who are in Italy, here I will meet someone who yesterday had to take part in the biggest competition for motorcycle builders in Europe which was held by Deus Ex Machina, Bike Build Off 2015. Are you curious? Please continue reading the story in the second paragraph.

Triumph Bonneville: Little Bastard!

COOL Triumph Bonneville Little Bastard! 1

This is the first time I visit this country, Spain! a beautiful kingdom, its people friendly, and you know this is where the story begins. As you know I was enthusiast who loves to chat with the custom motorcycle builder and as usual I tried to know more about what they do on a motorcycle.

’78 BMW R45: Bavarian Gentlebikes!

'78 BMW R45 Bavaria Scrambler! 1

The history of BMW R45. Mid-1970s BMW began with the development of new middle-class motorcycles. The models should also be visually distinguished from the larger models, but only partially succeeded. Thus, the R100 T distinguishes purely visual from 1980 hardly of the R45 without casing from the year 1981.

’78 Honda CX500: Cafe Racer!

'78 Honda CX500 Cafe Racer! 1

A question floated in my head, “the ugly bike”. Some people say that when I tried to discuss about this bike. Are you going to change your opinion? Maybe you’ll find some people who still sneer when the bike has been modified, Honda CX500. However, some are amazed when they see this bike transformed into a “Cafe Racer”.