’78 Laverda 500: The Legend is Back!

'78 Laverda 500 The Legend is Back! 1

Who knows if some of his work that makes me always curious to write an article “about what has been built”. And finally, when one day he’s decided to stop running on the board along with a big name “Radical Ducati“. Previously, it has made disturb in my mind, Is it true or not? He will end up the business just like that? However, it seems not. The passion to build a custom motorcycle was still there.

PAGNOL-MOTO: The M2 Jacket!

PAGNOL-MOTO - Jackets 1

It’s a beautiful day, it’s sunday morning! and you should remember a big event has been repeated, held once a year, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2015. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in 2012 in Sydney Australia, inspired by a photo of Mad Men’s Don Draper astride a classic bike and wearing his finest suit.

’81 Kawasaki CSR 650: Jose Benitez’s Cafe Racer!

'81 Kawasaki CSR 650 1

Working in the office is driving me crazy, I guess I have to leave for a moment to eliminate fatigue in the head. However, not much is done to eliminate it, some friends mock me, why not riding a motorcycle along with them. Yeah well, take a scrambler in the garage, turn and began to open the gas. Drove up to where? I have no idea.

’73 Honda CB750 K3: The Adderall Diaries!

'73 Honda CB750 K3 Cafe Brat 1

When some people look for perfection in building a custom motorcycle to be exhibited to the public that will give the impression of experts to build a motorcycle. Not as performed by two guys who have the same hobby and passion for custom motorcycle. They are Marcelo Diaz and Leo Schamberger.

’88 BMW K100: Mikhail’s The Flying Brick!

'88 BMW K100 Mikhail's The Flying Brick! 1

Waiting for the right moment to show case the best of what they have done. And this becomes very much appreciated when they came up with their wonderful work. Run to the water and see no one knows except for the builder and I know time has come. As you can see! Impressive things now happening here.

’96 Honda CB400: ZIFE Design’s Megatron!

1996 Honda CB400 Megatron Inspired Project 1

Vietnam is famous for its friendly people and has a strategic capital. Hanoi is the capital, This is a beautiful place in Asia, a city surrounded by several rivers and lakes are so beautiful that would spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it. Impressed, that’s the first look for some guy from the city of Hanoi, who called themselves “ZIFE Design”. Let’s look at their story and hope you enjoy!

’79 BMW R80 RT: Side Rock Cycles!

'79 BMW R80 RT Side Rock Cycles! 1

Very rare to get a chance to publish a bike from the country where the Cafe Racer was born. Now that opportunity has arrived and here Side Rock Cycles, the Bournemouth-based custom bike builder is officially revealing interviews their latest build, “Vanity” a ’79 BMW R80 RT Cafe Racer. I hope you enjoy!

Backstory: Stephen Heath’s Triumph Daytona 500

Triumph Daytona 500 1

Written by: Stephen HeathSoul’d out Motorcycles

Here goes. It all started about 18 months ago when a friend knocked on my door to tell me that a man that he was doing some landscaping for had an old motorbike in his garage that he wanted to get rid of, he said that it was in bits and that he thought that it was a Yamaha or something (Ed knows nothing about bikes), he wondered if I would be interested in it.

’82 Honda GL500: Wrench Kings!

'82 Honda GL500 Wrench Kings! 1

Time has passed, 35 years later. Now, you have to say that the technology offered by Honda CX series includes Honda GL500 is the best of its time. Worsened, now people vying to make the prettiest “queen without a king”. Not counted how many people who have modified into a cafe racer with their own designs and inspire yours. If you see it, this is one of the prettiest that I will show to you.

’76 Honda GL1000: Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues!

'76 Honda GL1000 Sur Les Chapeaux De Roues! 1

Ever heard of a latin guy saying “Sin Ti” which means “Without You”? A fate similar to what we will discuss in this article, a Honda GL1000. He infamous, not many motorcycle builders are willing to use this bike as their inspiration. Now, The Bike Shed says “Often for reasons of obesity, GL1000 is a cracking donor and we’ve seen a few of late. But this one seems to have that special something”.