1980 Honda CX500 Cafe Racer by Mike Meyers

1980 Honda CX500 Custom by Mike Meyers - Utah 1

Best bike I’ve ever seen on this site! I guess you would say that. I am so glad to see this bike on my blog and I think it will getting the attention it deserves. The owner of this bike is Mike Meyers from Salt Lake City, Utah. His eye for design, attention to detail, and personable attitude has won over a lot of initial critics.

1982 Virago 750 Custom Tracker by Larry Bauerle

1982 Virago 750 Custom Tracker by Larry - Chicago 1

It’s time to spin the wheel and go to Chicago, what will be done there? You definitely know, We’ll talk about motorcycles. Almost a month ago I was talking about this bike, this is a Yamaha XV750 bikes are simply gorgeous. The owner of this bike is Larry Bauerle from Chicago, IL. He is a Design engineer with a passion for motorcycles and cars. Larry’s told me, this is a used bike that He got from a local trading site called Craigslist.

Triumph Scrambler by Derick Van Den Bussche

Triumph Scrambler by Derick Van Den Bussche 1

This is the first time He performed here. Interesting to be discussed, It is a luxury Scrambler built by a Dutch descent. However, Derick Van Den Bussche is a friendly guy who is now located in New York. Build an independent business that is in accordance with the spirit, some of the classic tale, yet elegant. Build some custom motorcycle in a garage which He named VDBMOTO.

BMW R 80 RT Scrambler by John Bogaerts

BMW R80RT Scrambler by John Bogaerts 1

The second episode of John Bogaerts. for the first edition you can see here. At this time, we will discuss a different bike, another bike that you know has a very unique engine design. Yes, on this occasion we will discuss a BMW machine. As you know this is 100% from Germany. Let John tell you about this bike.

Jawa 350 Custom Bobber by Dozer Garage

1970 Jawa Custom Bobber by Dozer Garage - Kiev, Ukraine 1

Many authors say: for what you discuss if you do not get a penny? Don’t turn out your eyes to me, because I am not a picky person. Here, I always give an opportunity to the readers to know more about the motorcycle. Not about how fancy the bike was made, but it is about the soul when building a custom motorcycle. Brass tacks, let’s crank up your leg to the second row.