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2004 Ducati Monster 1000 Cafe Racer project

Motobene Ducati Monster 1000 Cafe Racer project 1

Not much, what I know about Switzerland. In 2013, had stopped in this country. A very beautiful country, spoil your eyes with spectacular view. My favorite place when I was in Switzerland, is Thun. The place is absolutely perfect. Thun is adorable, Gentleman (and perhaps ladies), take note.

1972 Triumph Trophy 650 Cafe Racer Project

1972 Triumph Trophy 650 Cafe Racer Project 1

It’s one of the most beautiful bike, from countries where Cristiano Ronaldo comes. This work of the Redonda Motors represents the best of both worlds. On the one hand has a classic and conservative aspect, the other is a powerful and current machine. All changes made in this bike always followed this premise, keep the classic look of the bike but provide it in all its components, power, comfort, reliability and efficiency.

1979 Moto Guzzi 1000 SP Cafe Racer Project

1979 Moto Guzzi 1000 SP Cafe Racer by Raffaele 1

Welcome home! California is a very beautiful place to be enjoyed! in some places the road is not too busy, everyone who works here is for their pleasure, me too. Today we will visit a very interesting place! Had a visit to Monrovia Canyon Park and it makes me not want to hurry home. What else can be found here? It was there also lived a pair of motorcycle builders, through an email they say “they want to show off a masterpiece”.

1983 Kawasaki Z 550 F Italian Cafe Racer Project

1983 Kawasaki Z550 Cafe Racer by Manuele Spadoni 1

A publication schedule was delayed. Italian is a language that is slightly difficult for me to understand. And I have to say sorry for it. On this occasion, there were some colleagues who are trying to help “translate an artistic taste of the Italian”. Holidays are a great time to relax, but there are not many people here who stopped working at weekends. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and began to talk about motorcycles.

1982 Honda CB750K Do The Ton Cafe Racer Project

1982 Honda CB750K Do The Ton Cafe Racer Project 1

Article by: Ezio CovelliMagnum Opus Custombikes

Magnum Opus it’s latin for Greatest work, Achievement. Which is what I strive for with each bike I build, my creative process has many influences. I’m italian, born and raised, I lived there for the first 28 years of my life. In Italy the art of restoring is a very common practice.