1975 Honda CB750 Custom by Jim Waley – Canada

1975 Honda CB750 Custom by Jim Waley - Canada 1

Article by: Jim Wiley | My Facebook Page

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada just north of Toronto. I was a white collar worker with 25 years of experience pushing pencils, but fortunately I now have the luxury of being retired. Being free to follow my dreams I started customizing bikes slowly becoming adventurous enough to try my hand at building a motorcycle from scratch, to my specifications and design. Would I call myself a pro, of course not, an amateur? no just an old fart that knows a thing or two about mechanics and not afraid to research and performing some self teaching.
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1996 Yamaha RX 135 Two Stroke by IRONic

1996 Yamaha RX 135 Two Stroke by Ironic Engineering 1

Custom motorcycle is a personal work, work that is not made ​​through mass production. Exclusive and attractive look that is a special impression of custom motorcycles. It is also the thing that happened to Saad, the owner of this 1996 Yamaha RX 135, this is a Two Stroke engine. A masterpiece that was built at the end of the week.
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Kawasaki Z750R Cafe by Gunnar’s House of Custom

2012 Kawasaki Z750R Cafe by Gunnar's House of Custom 1

This is a Kawasaki Cafe Racer, the donor bike is Kawasaki Z750R 2012 model. Bike that has been submitted by the owner who came from Bredene – belgium. Gunnar’s House of Custom is a name of a bike shop which is taken from the name of the owner is Broucke Gunnar. Gunnar’s told me this is a second hand Kawasaki Z750R with very low mileage, 1800km.
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