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The Tramontana An Ultimate Triumph Scrambler

The Tramontana Triumph Scrambler by David & Felife 1

Article by: David & FelifeTriumph Tramontana

A group of passionate chassis development team members of Triumph Motorcycles have set up to develop the ultimate Scrambler: “La Tramontana”. Our aim is to share our passion with other motorcycle enthusiasts, whether they ride Triumphs or not. We won’t be able to have them riding our bike, but we’ll try to make them feel they have done.

Sleeping Engine Idiot by Izal The Original Lazy

Honda Win 100 Vintage Cafe Racer 1

A beautiful story, for those who love art. Cafe Racer, is an art that is very, very perfect. What is important when you building a magnificent steed? Do you always think by using a 750cc engine, or more? just try to think again. Some of you may not always be in a rich place, get all the luxury items that you want. What an interesting story, I will tell you in the second paragraph.

1973 Honda CB350 Twin Custom by Baker Cycles

1973 Honda CB350 Twin by Baker Cycles 1

Article by: Josh BakerBaker Cycles

Hi! I’m Josh Baker the owner of Baker Cycles from Iowa. Garage built custom bikes, I love vintage Japanese motorcycles. I have owned a lot of CB350′s and always wanted to build a Brat Style bike that had a lot of modifications but looked like it came that way from the factory.

Honda CB450 K1 Black Bomber by Tommy Sunu

Honda CB450 K1 Black Bomber by Tommy Sunu 1

Today in California, the temperature is 14 degrees Celsius. It’s enough to get up early and enjoy the morning with a cup of coffee that is served by a beautiful girl. While accompany you to choose the breakfast menu on Sunday morning, I will try to give an inspiration that has flown from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Suzuki GSX 750 Inazuma Cafe Racer by Marc Ysewijn

Suzuki GSX 750 Inazuma Cafe Racer by Marc Ysewijn 1

The Cafe Racer scene has exploded to become one of the most popular trends in motorcycle customisation. And how great the explosion? You certainly can guess it. Cafe racers is a unique blend for those who like a straight line, curved, simple but elegant.