Old Rusty: Nandira’s Kawasaki KZ200 Twin Port!


Written by: Nandira Prayoga – R I M G CustomsKuningan, Jawa Barat – Indonesia

Initially, I started to like custom motorcycles in 2013, at that time I choose Kawasaki KZ200 or in Indonesia is better known as Binter Merzy. This is a motorcycle manufactured in 1981. It became as the first motorcycle that caught my attention, because I think this bike has a pretty unique sound character, solid compression, and the price is cheap for students like me.
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Thin Blade: Shaka Garage’s Yamaha XV1000!


I must admit. I had to look long and hard simply because I’ve loathed the Virago for quite some time. I like the look of this more than all the other attempts I’ve seen and it gets big kudos simply because it takes the unappreciated and makes it easy to appreciate.
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RBC “Firstborn”: Zeljko’s Honda Goldwing GL1100!

Honda Goldwing GL1100 Custom - 1

Written by: ZeljkoRetro Bikes Croatia – RBC

The bike started as 1981 model year for German market, it had all the original stickers in German language on it. We purchased it in our neighbouring Slovenia, rideable but in need of servicing. We always wanted to build a 4 cylinder Boxer Goldwing, the price was fair enough so we took it without much hesitating. These bikes are super rare to find here, and the ones that are offered for sale are extremely expensive.
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Brat Style: Goos Bos’ Aermacchi 350 SS Sprint!

Aermacchi 350 SS Sprint 1

Written by: Goos BosHengelo – The Netherlands

My name is Goos Bos and I am based in Hengelo, The Netherlands. I work as a producer of DIY sidecar kits and have a motorcycles shop, it’s named MotoPort Hengelo. In this shop, I sometimes have the luck to get in some bikes which you do not want to re-sell again. This is a HD Aermacchi 350 SS Brat Style.
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The Heritage: Barra’s Honda GL V-Twin 400!

Honda GL V-Twin 400 - 1

I really never thought this would happen to me. I’m start to writing about custom motorcycle a few years ago. Mostly I write about things that maybe very common that about Cafe Racer, Flat Tracker, Bobber and Scrambler. However, a few days is quite disturbing in my mind.
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Changing Your Opinions: Andre’s Thunder 125!

Suzuki Thunder 125 Custom - 1

Written by: Andre DharmawanJakarta – Indonesia

Hi, My name is Andre Dharmawan, Jakarta-Indonesia based. A wedding photographer who love to travel, eat and exploring new things. What a great combination of two of the worlds greatest gift to mankind. I think it is a motorcycle and art. two of that, which I will write in this article. I hope you like and enjoy it.
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Wood Tracker: Shaka Garage’s Suzuki GSX400F!

Suzuki GSX400F Tracker - 1

Let’s look at this one. This is one of the nicest build that I have ever seen for a Tracker bike. Saverio Alan Damiani is the actor behind all of this and this bike is coming from the garage that he calls Shaka Garage – Personalizzazione e modifiche moto! 100% made in BARI – Italy.
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Wings & Bone’s: Emanuel Pinto’s Honda CB400!

1982 Honda CB400 Cafe Racer - 1

Written by: Emanuel PintoBraga – Portugal

Hi my name is Emanuel Pinto from Braga, Portugal. I am the owner of Wings & Bone”s – Motorcycles. I love the classic style and especially if it relates to the motorcycles. The vintage and retro are my mode. I love old stuffs and one day I just bought a motorcycle, and decide to start a project for me.
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Clubman Cycles: Joshua Lutz’s Honda CB350!

1973 Honda CB350 - 1

Coming from Queens, the New York City. Here is a 1973 CB350 built by Joshua Lutz. He is the owner of Clubman Cycles NYC. This is the latest build. The main focus of this business is about the passion of riding a motorcycle. He also worked as a creative artist for Creativity NY.
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Deluxe Edition: Massimo Safina’s BMW R45!

Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 10

Would you agree if I say “I need a work that is truly inspiring”? The same design is the thing that will make people bored to see the results of your work, there is no difference, a mass product exactly. But it would be different if someone says “I wants to have a design like you have created” It is an appreciation for your work.
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