Attempt 2: Harold Paul Oliver’s CB550SC Pusher!

Harold Paul Oliver's CB550SC Pusher - 1

Written by: Harold Paul OliverPahrump, NV – United States

Okay, again I first would like to thank all of the readers for their support and positive comments, I am happy to know I have given you some ideas. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

Brat Style: Anselmo Nunes’ Honda CB500 Four!

1975 Honda CB 500 Four Brat Style - 1

Everyone had a good dream, not least for those who live in the southern hemisphere, South America. Let’s start talking about a country that one day I want to visit, it’s about Brazil. Is there anything more exciting than football? Let’s see. Brazil is a country that is always associated with football and the players are very famous.

Attempt 1: Harold’s Honda CB550SC Reverse Trike!

Harold's Honda CB550SC - 1

Written by: Harold Paul OliverPahrump, NV – United States

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone for their support on my last article and thanks for commenting. I’m so glade you enjoyed it. These next three articles will be a combination of three Builds all of which were supposed to be for my fiancé. Have fun, and enjoy it. :)

Street Fighter: Kaichiroh Kurosu’s HD XG750 Turbo!

Kaichiroh Kurosu's HD XG750 Turbo 1

When I see in this all new wave of of custom bikes. They were just beyond my wide this imagination. That is really inspiring for us internally custom motorcycle enthusiast. You see people I getting into bikes again. It’s so unique, so beautiful, & remarkable. I was just over world, speechless.

Welcome to the New: Harold’s Guest Writer!

Harold Paul Oliver's Guest Writer - 1

Written by: Harold Paul OliverPahrump, NV – United States

My name is Harold Paul Oliver, but you can call me 76! I am 61 years old and live here in Pahrump, NV – United States. The 76 comes from my CB RADIO handle 76, or Shadow! 27.105 ch 12! Was my channel. My father was a car man! And some of his friend’s were cycle guys, I grew up in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Hongkingkong Custom: Santoso’s Honda CB100-K5!

Santoso's Honda CB100-K5 1

It is a Honda CB 100 K5. To the builders of custom motorcycles in Indonesia this is a bike that is very frequently used as a donor bike. CB 100 has a cheap price, but has a power and a reliable engine. If you are in Indonesia, with 500 up to 800 bucks you can bring this bike to your home in very good condition. Honda CB 100-K5, is the last series before the Honda CB actually switched to Honda GL series.

Wrench Kings: Anne Klare’s Yamaha XJ600!

Wrench Kings' Yamaha XJ600 Diversion 1

Written by: BramWrench Kings

Yamaha XJ600 Diversion, Modern, affordable, bad-ass and stunning! That’s our thought when starting with this bike. Ardi, a friend of the company, bought a bright yellow Yamaha XJ600 Diversion. A bike that is not normally used to transform into a Cafe Racer.

46Works Japan: Yusuke Iseya’s BMW R100S!

Yusuke Iseya' BMW R100S! 1

The owner of this bike is Yusuke Iseya who is famous actor in Japan. He was born in the right place and have artistic talent, it is the proper description for Yusuke Iseya. He is a man who was born on 29 May 1976, as was said earlier now he is a Japanese actor, director, artist, and a successful businessman.

Vilnius Moto House: Daris’ Yamaha XS1100!

Daris' Yamaha XS1100 Cafe Racer 1

As you can see in the title of the article. Today we will discuss custom motorcycle builders who came from Vilnius. Have you ever heard of a city called Vilnius? Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, is known for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval old town.

Blackbean Motorcycles: Axel’s Honda CB250G!

Axel's Honda CB250G! 1

In the previous article. We have seen a scrambler bikes were really cool that comes from the city of Hamburg. And now, still from Germany, but from other cities, it was the city of Munich. Here we will meet with Axel, he was the owner of a garage which he named Blackbean Motorcycles.