46Works Japan: Yusuke Iseya’s BMW R100S!

Yusuke Iseya' BMW R100S! 1

The owner of this bike is Yusuke Iseya who is famous actor in Japan. He was born in the right place and have artistic talent, it is the proper description for Yusuke Iseya. He is a man who was born on 29 May 1976, as was said earlier now he is a Japanese actor, director, artist, and a successful businessman.

Vilnius Moto House: Daris’ Yamaha XS1100!

Daris' Yamaha XS1100 Cafe Racer 1

As you can see in the title of the article. Today we will discuss custom motorcycle builders who came from Vilnius. Have you ever heard of a city called Vilnius? Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, is known for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval old town.

Blackbean Motorcycles: Axel’s Honda CB250G!

Axel's Honda CB250G! 1

In the previous article. We have seen a scrambler bikes were really cool that comes from the city of Hamburg. And now, still from Germany, but from other cities, it was the city of Munich. Here we will meet with Axel, he was the owner of a garage which he named Blackbean Motorcycles.

Aggressive Edge: Karoo Tailored’s Scrambler!

Karoo Tailored' Scrambler! 1

Like most men who love the two-wheeled machines. Build a custom motorcycle garage is their dream. Karoo Tailored Motorcycles, workshop is located in Hamburg. As the owner of the garage, Gaston originate from South Africa but now living most of the year in Hamburg, Germany.

Bavarian Brewery: Nagel Motors’ BMW R100!

Nagel Motors' BMW R100 1

Some people might say that there is nothing that is as beautiful as the BMW engine. Is that true? everyone might agree if you say it. However, this would not be very interesting, when looking at a bike if we can’t see where she was born. A second chance. This is the story where BMW Motorrad was born and became so wild. Bavaria!

Brat Style: The Sports Custom’s Yamaha SR400!

The Sports Custom's Yamaha SR400 - 1

Fuck the factory! Now is the perfect time to customize! but why winter’s too long? cabin fever? Thanksgiving travelers will face snow-blanketed roadways in Northern California. Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties received light rain overnight as the low system moved to the central coast.

Italian Steampunk: Brisko Garage’s Yamaha XJ900!

Brisko Garage's Yamaha XJ900 1

Italian people have always impressed me, especially when talking about the racing legend and those that still survive, Valentino Rossi. I think, what they do is the best. What else is interesting? motorcycles and art, it’s something that we will discuss today.

The Old Runner: Robot Motorwork’s Honda CB200T!

Robot Motorwork's Honda CB200 - 1

He came again, this is where I’m very proud of him. Muhammad Robbi the owner of Robot Motorwork from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He’s a simple person who loves custom motorcycles. After previous success with Naked Cafe. It’s the second most beautiful art that He created. This is The Old Runner, a Honda CB200 Twin.

Dirt track: CMC Racer’s BMW R60!

CMC Racer's BMW R60 - 1

When we talk about custom motorcycle scene, there will be no end to talk about, is constantly evolving, and this is why we often say this is a masterpiece, the timeless art. There is one more interesting, now a lot of events for the custom motorcycle that you can attend every year, for example: The Bike Shed MC, Wheels & Waves, The Glemseck 101, and the latter are quite popular in Indonesia that is KustomFest.

The Legend is Back: XTR Pepo’s Laverda 500!

'78 Laverda 500 The Legend is Back! 1

Who knows if some of his work that makes me always curious to write an article “about what has been built”. And finally, when one day he’s decided to stop running on the board along with a big name “Radical Ducati“. Previously, it has made disturb in my mind, Is it true or not? He will end up the business just like that? However, it seems not. The passion to build a custom motorcycle was still there.