Wood Tracker: Shaka Garage’s Suzuki GSX400F!

Suzuki GSX400F Tracker - 1

Let’s look at this one. This is one of the nicest build that I have ever seen for a Tracker bike. Saverio Alan Damiani is the actor behind all of this and this bike is coming from the garage that he calls Shaka Garage – Personalizzazione e modifiche moto! 100% made in BARI – Italy.
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Wings & Bone’s: Emanuel Pinto’s Honda CB400!

1982 Honda CB400 Cafe Racer - 1

Written by: Emanuel PintoBraga – Portugal

Hi my name is Emanuel Pinto from Braga, Portugal. I am the owner of Wings & Bone”s – Motorcycles. I love the classic style and especially if it relates to the motorcycles. The vintage and retro are my mode. I love old stuffs and one day I just bought a motorcycle, and decide to start a project for me.
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Clubman Cycles: Joshua Lutz’s Honda CB350!

1973 Honda CB350 - 1

Coming from Queens, the New York City. Here is a 1973 CB350 built by Joshua Lutz. He is the owner of Clubman Cycles NYC. This is the latest build. The main focus of this business is about the passion of riding a motorcycle. He also worked as a creative artist for Creativity NY.
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Deluxe Edition: Massimo Safina’s BMW R45!

Massimo Safina's BMW R45 - 10

Would you agree if I say “I need a work that is truly inspiring”? The same design is the thing that will make people bored to see the results of your work, there is no difference, a mass product exactly. But it would be different if someone says “I wants to have a design like you have created” It is an appreciation for your work.
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Attempt 3: Harold Oliver’s Honda CB550SC Trike!

Harold's Honda CB550SC Trike - 1

Written by: Harold Paul OliverPahrump, NV – United States

Okay, the last two builds have been unique and different, both were good examples, of imagination and creativity. Although both were failures for what I was trying to achieve they still were fun and a learning experience to build.
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Long Live The King: Teguh’s Yamaha RX 135!

Teguh Setiawan's Yamaha RX-K 135 - 1

Written by: Teguh SetiawanYogyakarta – Indonesia

Well, for a start let me introduce myself. My name is Teguh Setiawan, im 23 y/o, I am an engineer college at one of the universities in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In recent years, two-wheeled vehicles has evolved into a custom culture as often seen in the streets.
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Attempt 2: Harold Paul Oliver’s CB550SC Pusher!

Harold Paul Oliver's CB550SC Pusher - 1

Written by: Harold Paul OliverPahrump, NV – United States

Okay, again I first would like to thank all of the readers for their support and positive comments, I am happy to know I have given you some ideas. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!
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Brat Style: Anselmo Nunes’ Honda CB500 Four!

1975 Honda CB 500 Four Brat Style - 1

Everyone had a good dream, not least for those who live in the southern hemisphere, South America. Let’s start talking about a country that one day I want to visit, it’s about Brazil. Is there anything more exciting than football? Let’s see. Brazil is a country that is always associated with football and the players are very famous.
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Attempt 1: Harold’s Honda CB550SC Reverse Trike!

Harold's Honda CB550SC - 1

Written by: Harold Paul OliverPahrump, NV – United States

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone for their support on my last article and thanks for commenting. I’m so glade you enjoyed it. These next three articles will be a combination of three Builds all of which were supposed to be for my fiancé. Have fun, and enjoy it. 🙂
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Street Fighter: Kaichiroh Kurosu’s HD XG750!

Kaichiroh Kurosu's HD XG750 Turbo 1

When I see in this all new wave of of custom bikes. They were just beyond my wide this imagination. That is really inspiring for us internally custom motorcycle enthusiast. You see people I getting into bikes again. It’s so unique, so beautiful, & remarkable. I was just over world, speechless.
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