Brougham: One Way Machine’s V-Twin Softail!

Harley-Davidson Brougham by One Way Machine 1

ONE WAY MACHINE is the German insider tip for customers that are wishing for a Harley Davidson in a timeless classic-vintage design on the highest level. OWM Bikes are functional, good to handle, highly processed and built for the streets.
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Dipl.-Ing. Julian von Oheimb is the founder and owner of One Way Machine. Julian is a well-known by now. In the last years he has won numerous bike shows throughout Europe. OWM Bikes are in style. The modern customer is looking for an authentic, credible and easy-to-ride bike with a high-standard design. Times are over for excessive and hard to ride Trailer Queens.

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Julian is a studied engineer and an exceptionally gifted metal craftsman. With his abilities and skills he is able to transfer his ideas and visions into reality without any compromise. He forms metals, develops parts and invests a lot of money to build a bike with a perfect high-end-finish. Often those bikes feature pricey details, which an ordinary person would not take any notice off and a professional bike builder only recognizes those after a detailed examination.

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BROUGHAM is the newest creation from OWM. As a base for the new bike a 2001 Softail Deuce with only 900km on the speedometer was bought from Harley Davidson Saarbrücken. So basicly in new condition. The manager of HD Saarbrücken complimented Julian on the purchase of the Harley Davidson Softail Deuce, since it was in a downright original condition. But Julian had his own plans for this bike.

Harley-Davidson Brougham by One Way Machine 5

First Julian deconstructed the bike and cleaned the frame and the swingarm. The second step was to modify the engine, the trany and the oil tank. While rummaging through his storage Julian found an old DKW tank from the 30’s which matched his concept perfectly. So this tank was completely remodeled to match the softail frame.

Harley-Davidson Brougham by One Way Machine 6

He bent a tunnel, inched a refueling connector, assembled an old hood ornament and crafted a tank holder which he welded with the basis tank. Whereas the seat was ordered in the US. The matching base frame was handcrafted by Julian himself out of a metal plate.

Harley-Davidson Brougham by One Way Machine 7

The rear fender is an aftermarket part which was totally revised, too, handcrafted brackets were added. The rims are from the HD Smooth-Series in 21“and 19“ – added with Firestone Vintage-Wheels. The front fork, originally from a HD Dyna, was very much modified.

Harley-Davidson Brougham by One Way Machine 8

The lamp mask was formed by Julian matching the overall design of metal and the lamp grill was cnc-machined after Julian’s own ideas. The handlebar is a brand new product from ONE WAY MACHINE. It can also be ordered right now in chrome or black. Both the instruments and the front brakes are from Beringer. The rotor-brake is a product from SSC. The airfilter and the Ignitioncover were shipped from Mooneyes, US. The exhaust pipes however is completely built by Julian.

Harley-Davidson Brougham by One Way Machine 9

Naming this bike Julian went back in time. BROUGHAM is devoted to a special kind of car – a Cadillac Eldorado Brougham from 1958. In 1993 Julian took his first trip with his father to the US and visited an old friend of his father. In his Hot Rod garage he had one of these rare and unique Eldorado Broughams. This vehicle is a true design art in automotive history. It is a 4-Door-Coupe´with suicide doors and with one of the first air suspension system. This special car was previously owned by the famous Clark Gable.

Harley-Davidson Brougham by One Way Machine 10

If you ask about the achievements, Julian has won several prestigious awards. In 2014, Brougham has become the World Champion in the category modified Harley Davidson – given by the AMD-World Championship Organization. Three weeks later he won one of the XXl-Trophys at Big Twin Expo in the Netherlands.

Still have any questions about this bike? Please contact Julian von Oheimb via Facebook or if you are now in Germany and intends to build your motorcycle into a custom motorcycle, feel free to ask and please contact them directly to inquire about shipping and the specific build requirements of your country at:

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  • Nick Hannan

    Nice story! congrat Julian! even I see your Brougham on BikeExif, but here I can see more story about your Cadillac inspiration! Again, just want to say: Congratulation! Cheers….

  • Audrey’s Linen

    An incredible machine on the right hand! salut! Impresionante… love the exhaust bend = artisan!

  • Matt Enich

    thats one very tasteful motorcycle. nice work

  • Karen Hagopian

    Love them all. Dark and sheek.

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